DutchLock Adhesives


DutchLock Adhesives are proudly made in the Midwest and result from over 20 years of experience manufacturing and distributing seaming adhesives. Designed with the fabricator in mind, DutchLock offers the colors you need to work your magic with additional benefits. The SeamLock PRO formula offers a dripless application reducing your waste and clean-up time.

Matches to all the primary surface and adhesive brands are ready for your reference. Advanced resources such as Color chips are also available to help you select the perfect seam color when a match isn’t available. Finishing tape is also available to help match your top’s finish and ensure a superior seam.

DutchLock offers more than seaming adhesives. Check out our industry-leading rod/clip adhesive and substrate bonders.

DutchLock also takes back and recycles all empty cartridges. Save your empty cartridges to be picked up upon your next delivery, or let us know when you have a box full, and we’ll send a UPS label.

If it’s a Dutch seam, you won’t see much seam.

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